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Return to Middlesbrough On this journey to Middlesbrough, in October 2016, the trains were the same ones as on our previous visit but sadly they were now resprayed in Virgin red. We were at MIMA for the opening of Winifred Nicholson—Liberation of Colour, the exhibition curated by Jovan Nicholson, who is also author of the catalogue we designed. The pure white walls of the gallery were ideal for displaying Winifred's pictures, which looked magnificent. We met Jovan, who was there with his wife Elena and their children, and we were introduced to the gallery director, Alistair Hudson. We were also pleased to see Alix Collingwood-Swinburn, now Curator of Western Art at the Museum of Archaeology, Durham University, who had returned to MIMA for the exhibition. Speeches and drinks were followed by a wonderful vegan supper prepared by the MIMA café, The Smeltery. Afterwards The Old Chapel Graphic Design repaired to the Isaac Wilson pub, previously a county court, where we found that, since our previous visit, beer had gone up 18p in price to £1.89 per pint.
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